The holiday cottages share our 20 acres of land with our secure dog walking fields (separate fields and entrance) and our home. For everyone’s safety we ask that all dogs are on lead unless in an enclosed area.

If your dogs are comfortable alone we are happy for you to leave them.
We can provide a list of recommended people to come and sit with your dogs, or to let them out for a run, so you can go out for the day and know they are happy in the cottage. If your dogs are likely to bark or become distressed at being left alone we ask that you arrange for a dog sitter to stay with them.

The rules are the same as you have in your own home, although we do ask you to use the throws provided if your dogs (like ours) sleep on sofas, beds etc. This enables us to keep the cottage furniture and bedding free from muddy paws and dog hair. We know that sometimes accidents happen so we also provide stain removing spray to help remove the evidence of muddy paws on white sheets!

This is a definite no! The risk of overheating or drowning is too great, plus their fur and oily coats risk damaging the workings of the hot tub.


We must advise you that current guidelines suggest no children under 12 should use the hot tub because of the risk of over-heating, the level of chemicals in the water that can cause skin irritation, and the risk of drowning.

The field is designed for dogs to use safely – not for humans of any age or size. Please do not allow your child to climb, damage or remove any equipment.